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About Gary Weedon

Gary has been practising and performing magic since 1973 from the tender age of 15, driving his mom and dad nuts every night he would perform all sorts of weird and wonderful magical tricks, illusions and puppet shows for them, perfecting his “tricks of the trade”.

Whilst doing his national service, Gary would be asked to perform for the troops that were protecting our borders that were away from home for long periods of time.
Gary performs regularly for children’s birthday parties, private parties, corporate functions, promotional work as well as pubs and restaurants.

He is equally at home on stage doing cabaret or as a comedy walkabout “slight of hand” magician.

Gary’s claim to fame was when he was invited to perform for Madiba’s 80th birthday party which was hosted in the Kruger Park in 1998 and also had the great honour of meeting Madiba.

On a more personal level Gary is the Joint Founder Member of the East Rand Magic Society, which was founded in 1988. Over the years of the Magic Society’s existence, Gary has been President of the society on a number of occasions. Gary regularly judges at local conventions for the magicians of South Africa, as well as at the National Magic Championships that are held every few years. In 2012 Gary was made SAMCO President (South African Magic Council).



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Gary Weedon is currently the President of the South African Magic Council