Corporate Events

Corporate Events & Promotions

Stuck with what to do with staff and clients at your end of year function, corporate or promotional events. Gary can be of assistance.

Children’s shows as well as adult magic themed shows can be arranged, depending on what the company has in mind.

For corporate functions Gary can do either “standup”, “close-up magic”, “strolling magic”, “adult stage show”, “table to table” entertainment, or customized/tailored shows to suit your requirements that you would like to get across. Meet and greet can be organised beforehand whilst clients and staff are arriving at the venue.

For those promotional events good liaison with Gary prior to the event can be very beneficial to you and your company from a marketing point of view, as the product that you are wanting to display can be produced “Magically”.

So with some forward thinking and planning with your magician Gary that promotional event can turn from “drab” to “grab”.

If themed events have been organised, please remember to advise Gary when booking your next event!!!




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