Weddings & Events


Very often Gary gets asked to perform at weddings. “Weddings” you may ask, why on earth would you want a magician at your wedding!

For starters, once you have said your vows and are about to devote yourselves to each other for the rest of your lives and gone off to have your wedding photos done, ‘what do you do with your guests?’ that are milling around waiting for that special party to start.

Why not hire Gary to entertain those other very special people in your lives. “Break the ice” and bring people together.

Gary can do “close-up magic”, “strolling magic”, even doing a children’s magic shows for those little folk that are getting bored with proceedings whilst moms and dads are celebrating your special day!


Christenings are fun and exciting as there is nothing more special than having your baby blessed in the house of the Lord. But what to do with all those other young children that are at that special lunch you have organised for your friends and grannies and granpa’s.

A 40 minute children’s show keeps the older children entertained. Children get to see a very interactive show. “Tons of laughter and giggles”.

The show ends by Geewiz calling up one of the children to help him do a very messy cooking routine, from which a live dove is produced and turns into a very cute rabbit called “Stella”. Children have the opportunity to pat the rabbit after the show.


One of the most “joyful” holidays on the Jewish calendar.

It’s a time to have fun and bring young and old together to celebrate the true meaning of “Purim”. Let Geewiz entertain all at your festivities.